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1. Can I buy items directly from your website?

The site is still currently under construction. But once the shopping cart feature is up, you will be able to buy any product listed using online payment processors such as paypal.

2. What can I find in

At, you will find a variety of home appliances, consumer durables. You can also access our customer support group and request for service schedules and download user manuals.

3. How do I avail of's different offers, services and features?

Just register as a valued member of our website. You will then be able to receive exclusive online offers and be the first to know of our new products and promotions.

4. How can I search for dealers near my area?

Simply click on our Store Locator icon located on the upper right side of our homepage. You can then use the Dealer List search tool by keying in the name (ex. Abenson) or location (ex. Davao) of the dealer of your choice.

5. How can I search for the product that I desire?

You can search for the product of your choice by simply using the search tool on our homepage. Simply enter keyword/s of the product of your choice (ex. 'Cooking range') or the product code of the item you are looking for (ex. 'WCX 16'). You can also click on 'PRODUCTS' on our homepage then click on the Product Brand of your choice.